Tips for Picking the Best Customized Gift

Posted by on Dec 20, 2016 in Fitness |


What’s the best gift for the person who has “everything”? Selecting a present can be a tough task and especially when you don’t know the person very well. The good news is you can take steps to find out the perfect customized present. Here are some of them:

Casual T-Shirt

  1. Learn about their lifestyle

You can watch a person for a while to learn about their everyday life, their likes/dislikes, and so on. Make sure it’s not too obvious, or they might figure out what’s going on. In fact, they might get the wrong idea if you’re too obvious. So just try to casually observe the person when you’re around them, in their house, etc. This will give you the best chance to figure out whether a customized t-shirt or key tag would be better.


  1. Listen to them

It’s arguably not a good idea to ask the person directly what they’d like to receive as a gift. It would take away all the fun of getting it. However, what you can do is listen carefully to what the person says and implies. By taking this step, you can probably figure out if there’s some product such as an iPad stand or custom hoodies, which would make their life easier.


Sometimes the person won’t directly say which products they need. However, if they seem to be having a problem with such and such, it could be inferred that a certain type of personalized product would make their life easier.


  1. Ask someone who knows them

If you don’t know someone well, you could ask someone they know well about something they could use as a gift. In fact, they’ll probably be able to tell you in a few seconds exactly what they could use, what’s on their wish list, and so on. This is a great option because it can find out what the gift-receiver needs while not being too direct.


  1. Ask the person for ideas

If you do this, it’s better to be indirect. For example, you could ask some questions to figure out what the person needs in their daily life regarding products such as tablet covers or tube socks. This way you won’t have to ask directly what they want to get for their birthday, for example, but you’ll be able to figure it out.


These are some of the top ways you can learn what’s on someone’s wish list without actually asking them that question. Happy hunting!